The FarNear

25 ft. clothesline, custom harnesses, edible paper and ink, chalk, water


“So she creates in her mind a dream of distance where food can be enjoyed perhaps from across the room merely by looking at it, where desire need not end in perishing, where the lover can stay, at the same time, near to and far from the object of her love.”  - Anne Carson

Because reading can be seen as an act of both looking (distance) and consumption (closeness), the written pages of You Have My Word(s) serve as a physical point where we can be near to and far from one another. But reading each other’s words is not enough to satiate the hunger for intimacy. By consuming the pages as we read them, we physically collapse looking and eating into one operation. As we perform this gesture across our umbilical connection, we leave records throughout the exhibition space. We write the uneaten words left on the pages on the gallery floor in white chalk, and snap chalk line in the place of the clothesline. We are both impossibly far and as close as can be.